Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Victorian Lit -- check. Ray had been ecstatic when she learned her favorite professor, Dr. Krupman, was teaching the summer class. Reading one book each week would be a piece of cake. Especially since it gave her a legitimate reason to trudge up to the Tabor Heights municipal pool and spend lots of time stretched out on a beach towel spread on the grass, working on her tan while she read.
That necessary activity put her in Michael Naismith's vicinity every afternoon. Ray had listened to the advice of girls more experienced in the game of catching a guy's attention without being obvious about it. After observing Michael all last year, she deduced that he liked girls who were quiet and confident and smart, who were into fresh air and sunshine, and didn't need fancy, expensive toys to be happy. Sunbathing in a tank top and shorts, reading from books covered in "used" stickers, and avoiding the gossipy girls who wore enough jewelry to sink them if they ever went into the water -- Ray felt sure she would catch Michael's attention.
         As long as she could manage to snag a sunbathing spot within clear view of the refreshment stand where Michael had worked every summer since middle school. The first VBS of the summer was at Tabor Christian, only a ten-minute walk from the pool. Even if her duties meant she had to work after the children left each day, Ray knew chances were good she could keep "her" spot on the grass. Within Michael's eyesight.

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