Monday, August 11, 2014


He had been talking about Angela. Or rather, stammering something. This could become interesting. Her boss talked about her to him? It made sense that Angela Coffelt-Cooper would come into the station on a regular basis. Andrea knew her boss took a lot of lunch breaks to eat with her new husband, either in the park or in his office, depending on the weather and the press of their work schedules. But why exactly would Angela talk about a summer intern to the officer on desk duty?
Andrea asked when he hung up the phone and turned back to her.
"Well, I was asking about the summer workers and she mentioned your writing samples showed you had a great future ahead of you." He shrugged, offering that nice smile that made her feel warm and… special was probably the best word. At least, when he wasn't reminding her of a tongue-tied fourth-grader.
The phone on his desk rang and he stepped over to answer it. Andrea noticed his leg was stiff, barely bending at the knee. She recognized the plastic bars of a brace sticking out from the cuff of his pant leg. Then she realized she stared at a man's leg.
         Her face burning, she quickly shoved her computer back into its case, waved to Officer Hess and dashed out of the building.

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