Sunday, August 31, 2014

A BOX OF PROMISES, Excerpt #14

That unpleasant, familiar voice invaded her ears, just as she and Truman found seats in the bleachers to wait for the Tabor Summer Band concert to start. Andrea flinched and nearly missed the next step. Truman caught her arm and steadied her. When they were seated, she saw him glance around, looking concerned.
"The Prague Road loony. You know his voice too, don't you?" she asked, pitching her voice low.
"He threatens us with lawsuits, constantly, because we don't cross the city limits to harass his neighbors for him. He doesn't understand that just because he's best buddies with Hyburg's mayor -- or so he claims -- that doesn't mean Tabor's police will beat up on his neighbors."
"His constant line with us is that he's best buddies with our owner, then when someone reminds him that the Coffelts don't know him, he insists they aren't our owners, never were the owners, and he's going to expose the lies we use to cover some huge government conspiracy." Andrea grinned when her comment got a snort from Truman. His eyes were gorgeous with the laughter sparkling there. "Did you see him? Do you know what he looks like?"
"Why do you want to know what he looks like?"
          "So I can get the pepper spray if he ever comes into the office. He's threatened to beat my face in so many times already this summer, I've lost count. Who gets that upset over a fifty-cent paper? He actually had the gall to call on Wednesday and complain that his Thursday paper hadn't arrived yet! For the third time this summer, just with me."

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