Friday, August 29, 2014

A BOX OF PROMISES, Excerpt #13

Jacob was well-behaved for the rest of VBS, which worried Ray. One day of contrition, she could accept and believe. Two days? Almost pushing the envelope. For the entire second week of VBS, Jacob didn't try any more nasty tricks on her. No hand buzzers or cans of grape pop shaken just moments before she opened them. No gum chewed in class and no spitballs when the children were given cartons of chocolate milk with straws. Ray wondered if she had been transferred to an alternate universe.
Dillon let everyone know the very next morning after the gum-and-cut incident that Miss Ray had to cut her hair because Jacob put gum in it. The little boy stoutly declared he liked her new haircut, and his father even complimented Ray when he came to pick him up after VBS on Friday. He even insisted that since they were going to see each other every day, she should call him David.
She learned during subsequent snatches of conversation all the next week that he actually worked for the Allen Michaels crusade team in a support capacity, and he was very interested in her volunteer work with local churches every summer.
"A co-worker of mine, Eve Leone, started out the same way," David said, on the final Friday when he picked up Dillon after the closing ceremonies. "She and her husband are in charge of the two training camps for summer term youth missions now, the music as well as construction outreaches. You definitely have to consider an internship with AME next summer," he added, after Ray said she knew Eve and they laughed about the seeming coincidence.
"That's what she's been telling me, too."
"If you need a sponsor, just ask. I don't have a business card, but Dillon will remind me when he catches up with you at St. Ambrose. I'll tell them what a great job you did with the kids here."
         "That'd be great." Ray wished he were single, so she could get away with hugging him.

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