Tuesday, August 5, 2014


We, the undersigned, do hereby swear before God and these witnesses, that we will do something worthwhile and will come back to the fourth floor of Ontario Hall, Butler-Williams University, on Wednesday, August 26, to report to each other on our summer apart.

Anyone who does not fulfill their specific goals or do something even more worthwhile shall pay forfeit by buying a pizza party for all members of the pact.

Solemnly sworn and witnessed. The dorm sisters, fourth floor, Ontario Hall:

Casey Jenkins
VOW: Save a life, get a date for end-of-camp dance
Actually save a life, not just some airhead's social standing like last year when I fixed her dress with a stapler and paperclips -- and get a real date with a guy near my own age, not a pity date with one of the maintenance guys from the boys' camp across the lake.

Meg Tally
VOW: Lose twenty pounds, read through the entire Bible, and teach sewing so all my students have a new dress by the end of the summer.

Maraya Hammersmith
VOW: Work six VBS sessions, grow my hair, get a tan, and finally get the attention of Michael Naismith.

Bergen Mercer
VOW: Work my way up to a job in Wolf Wilderness.

Andrea Gregory
VOW: Write and publish two stories for the Tabor Picayune

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