Friday, June 6, 2014

DARCY: The New Quarry Hall Book

The newest Quarry Hall novel is out from Desert Breeze Publishing.

DARCY reveals a little more of Vincent's dark past. When a rescue mission comes under fire with scandalous accusations and the Arc Foundation starts to investigate, Vincent discovers that a former teammate is now in charge of the renovations of the old building. Josh appears to be a changed man, a minister, devoting his life to God's service -- and perhaps making amends for the crimes of his youth. Vincent reserves judgment on that until he has spent some time with Josh and his family and the rescue mission.

The problem is that none of them might have enough time. Someone is out to destroy the mission, and some of the attacks appear to be centered on Darcy, Josh's daughter. An idealistic young woman who is ready to put flesh and blood on the line to do what's right, Darcy is a pure heart. Someone is out to control her life and her heart, and will destroy anyone who gets in his way. Destroying Josh in the process, and the mission he is helping to renovate, is just a bonus in the long-range plan for revenge.

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