Sunday, June 22, 2014

DARCY, Excerpt #8

She pulled the door open and let out a squeak of surprise when she came face-to-face with Doug, who was pushing the door open. For three seconds they stared at each other, wide-eyed.
"Uh -- sorry." Doug raked the fingers of one hand through his hair. "Grandma got on me about -- about before."
"I was wrong. Grandma says everybody is a victim of some scheme to make this place fold." Two spots of red lit his cheeks and he couldn't look her in the eyes anymore. "She said I'm being hard on Roger because maybe I'm jealous."
"Jealous of what?" Her voice cracked. She grabbed his hand, dragged him into the office, and closed the door. The last thing she wanted or needed was someone to overhear this conversation if it was going where she thought it was going.
"You know." He stole a glance at her and looked away, pretending great interest in the tack board on the far wall.
Darcy almost said, "Uh, no, tell me," but her throat closed up and her face felt hot.
Thanks, God! Maybe Doug really is interested. Enough to be stupid. Please, don't let him be that stupid, though, okay?
"I guess Martha overheard us fighting," she said instead.
"Didn't hear, but she saw enough, and then she put me through the third degree." He let out a shaking breath and met her eyes again for a moment. "She said we just have to trust God to bring justice and trip up the enemy with his own plans, and if I was going to twist things around and see Roger as a rival, then I was insulting you and I was--" He choked.
         "You know how Grandma is. Testosterone poisoning causing brain damage. Along with a lot of hormones." He shrugged, but even though the red flush in his cheeks spread out, he grinned and met her eyes now and didn't look away.

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