Saturday, June 7, 2014

Book of the Month: DARCY

All this month, the month of release, will feature excerpts from DARCY, book four of the Quarry Hall series.

Here's a fun, inside fact:

DARCY is based on a Highlander fan novel I wrote a looooong time ago, titled, "Blade of Innocence." Some of the names have not been changed -- such as Darcy, Josh, and Geneva, and the rescue mission they are helping to renovate, The Spike Center. Other names have been changed -- for instance, most of Vincent's "lines" originally belonged to Duncan MacLeod. Many of Joan's "lines" belonged to either Amanda or Joe Dawson.

It was a lot of fun adapting this fan novel to the Quarry Hall series, and I have to say a BIG thanks to my editor, who caught glitches I didn't, sewing up holes of various sizes in the story line ....

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