Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WHEELS, Excerpt #7

"Hey, why can't we do that?" Tommy blurted, startling Nikki and Brock, who sat on a bench on the edge of the playground at the Mission. "Sorry." He grinned unrepentantly as they turned around to look at him, and gestured at the picture on Nikki's tablet.
He had come up behind them, planning a joke about how marriage should have cured their need to spend every waking moment together. Then he looked over their shoulders and saw the pictures on Firesong's website. All five members of the band clowned with wheelchairs, crutches, white canes and dark glasses, with the caption, "ADA Day in the Windy City."
"Send you to Chicago?" Nikki said, managing to hold onto a sour expression, while Brock just grinned and shook his head. "Sure. If you don't mind us shoving you out of the cargo bay door with a parachute."
Gray had got up from his spot at Nikki's feet and now put one huge paw on Tommy's knee, threatening to get up in his face. Nikki had given him the signal to lick Tommy's face so often, the big Akita probably thought it was standard procedure whenever he saw him.
          "The disability awareness thingy," Tommy said, gesturing at the picture on the tablet. "Why can't we do a gimp-a-thon? I've been reading about other cities doing that, putting people in wheelchairs or having them get around with canes, to make people more aware of just how bad it is for the handicapped."

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