Monday, May 12, 2014

WHEELS, Excerpt #6

 Stacy's advice stuck with Tommy. She configured the email program to take Jarod's emails to the Mission and church staff and put them in storage, and set up a flag to let him know when one came in. Tommy could decide what to do with the email bombs after he looked at them. The next Monday, he went to see Pastor Wally as soon as the elderly minister came in to work.
"See, the thing is, Jarod keeps talking about our father and I've been thinking about him more than I have in years and…" Tommy shrugged. "I don't want to think about him."
"You can't exactly make yourself stop thinking about someone," Pastor Wally said after sitting in silence, contemplating his clasped hands on his desk blotter. "It's like telling yourself not to think about pink elephants."
"I'd rather think about blue elephants, thanks very much."
His quip didn't earn a chuckle from Pastor Wally, and that warned Tommy that he was about to be hit with something he might not like very much. In a way, though, he decided that was comforting. At least Pastor Wally was taking this as seriously as he did.
        "Last year was healing for Claire, in some ways. Not just the satisfaction of seeing Jarod rejected as a liar and an intruder, but realizing that she was finally safe, that she was among people who wouldn't side with anyone who spoke badly about her." He chuckled. "And having Paul ready to step in and defend her helped a lot, too. But my point is that you might just need to confront your father to find some healing of your own."

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