Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WHEELS, Excerpt #14

On his way to the kitchen to snatch a sneak preview of whatever was on the lunch menu for the senior meals program, Natalie stopped him. He was surprised to see her, because she was supposed to be walking through downtown Tabor today, talking with the people on the street, getting a feel for the town, and hopefully gathering open and honest views of the Mission and the accessibility awareness campaign.
"Got a minute?" she said, with that cute little frown that put three wrinkles between her eyebrows and a hint of a dimple in the right corner of her mouth.
There was someone he could vaguely recall with the same dimple when they frowned. A she, he thought. He couldn't be sure. Now that he decided there was a resemblance, it was going to drive him nuts until he remembered who.
"Twelve -- and eighteen seconds," he added, after glancing at his watch.
"Can we talk somewhere we won't be overheard?" She glanced up and down the hallway. They were at the intersection where the gym hallway met the main hallway and the office lobby.
"Step into my office." He gestured down the gym hallway to the open door leading out to the playground, a bright rectangle at the far end. Something in Natalie's eyes, a somberness he didn't like seeing, made him push a little harder and roll a little faster. After all, they were running against the clock.
"You're sure nobody will come up on us and overhear us?" Natalie asked, once they were outside and she settled down at the picnic table set up in the shade of the building, overlooking the parking lot.
        "Why? What's so serious? Unless you're going to propose and sweep me off my feet?" He pressed both hands under his chin and fluttered his eyelashes. "Oh please, pretty please?"

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