Friday, April 25, 2014

NEW release: WHEELS

It's HERE!
WHEELS, The 4th book of Year 2 of my Tabor Heights series, has just been released by Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
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What's WHEELS about?
The girl next door, forgiveness, memories, danger, dreams ... Yeah, like that really makes you want to read it?
Tommy Donnelly, Tabor's resident comedian, is heading up a Handicap Awareness Walk ... err ... ROLL in Tabor Heights. Natalie Schaefer, a report for America's Voice, has come to town to cover the walk, because she's been doing a lot of little side pieces on handicap accessibility in the magazine. Why has she been doing this? Well, Natalie was the little girl across the street who adored Tommy when they were children. She planned on marrying him someday ... then Tommy broke his back and his family disintegrated and Natalie's father took them to a new town. Should she tell him who she is, and remind him of their shared past?
In the middle of all this, a young man Tommy is helping, who has just been released from prison, is getting some pressure from former associates to return to his old life ... and to use Tommy to hide their activities.

I based this book on a script I "almost" sold 23 years ago, to "MacGyver." Well, they told me they liked it, and if I wanted to rewrite it, they would be glad to look at it, but by the time I rewrote it they had already chosen the scripts for the final half-season, so ... It still counts as an "almost," doesn't  it?
Check out my web site and the Desert Breeze Facebook page later on to find out how you can get a PDF copy of my old script. But give me time, okay? It's stored in a format from 5 computers and 3 word processing programs ago, and there's a lot of reformatting to do and junk coding to delete!

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