Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8: DETOURS

      "Oh, my gosh," Amy breathed, and stopped short.
      Her actions immediately caused a pileup in the crowd trying to get up the steps to the nosebleed section of Progressive Field. It was an afternoon game, Cleveland versus Atlanta. Joe's growing network of contacts in the music industry had yielded tickets and he had brought Amy, Bekka, and his occasional writing partner, Zane.
      "What?" Bekka asked. She and Joe exchanged glances and grabbed Amy by both arms to hustle her up the stairs before they were run over by the crush of spectators behind them.
      "I just saw Morgan and Kat's mom going into a box seat with the General."
      "So?" She scrambled for something to say to persuade Amy to keep her mouth shut. If Kat didn't know her mother was dating Morgan, then they obviously didn't want her to know. If Kat knew, she would have announced it with appropriate dramatics -- or hysterics -- for her roommates and the entire neighborhood to know.
      "The General? At an Indians game? What's the world coming to?" Amy squeaked.
      Bekka nearly smothered, trying not to laugh. Leave it to Amy to look right past the obvious. Now, if she could just get her roommate interested in the game, soon she would forget entirely about Morgan and Lynette being there and everything would be fine.
      Then Bekka remembered something.
      Kat and Shane were supposed to be here today, too, for their first date. How could she have forgotten that? She had gladly accepted Joe's last-minute invitation, just to be out of the apartment before Shane showed up.

      Please, God, I don't know what's wrong with me, but fix my head, won't you?

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