Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28: DETOURS

      Bekka was helping Amy at the returns desk of the library when Kat came in with an armful of books to return for Morgan, accompanied by a tall young man wearing a black beret. They chatted as they slid the books one by one into the return slot. Every time he put on a fake French accent, Kat laughed. Bekka tried not to listen, but their chatter was so ridiculous, pretending to be students in France, talking about what sights they would see that afternoon, pretty soon she and Amy were giggling along with them. By some miracle, there were no staff members close by to hush them.
      Then Marco walked into the library. He paused in the doorway, looking everywhere. His hopeful little smile drooped when he heard Kat laughing and turned to see her yank her companion's beret off his head. She squealed when he wrapped his arms around her, holding her dangerously close until he could wrest the beret from her hands clasped behind her back.
      "Talk about moth to the flame," Amy murmured, as Marco wandered over to the other side of the return desk, trying not to watch the game only ten feet away and failing miserably.
      "We gotta do something," Bekka said, stepping a little closer to Marco. But what could she do to help? Short of brainwashing the young man to forget Kat?
      "We should see about those deprogramming people they use to rescue kids from those weird cults. This whole problem is because of her slimy stepfather, you know. After how he treated her..." She sighed and shook her head as Kat and her new friend scurried out of the library, arm in arm, planning to visit the Louvre after lunch.
      "His name is Roger Alcott," Marco said. "He claims it's French, but he's about as French as a french fry.
      "She isn't doing it on purpose. Hurting you, I mean," Amy offered.
      "She doesn't know I'm alive."
      "It's not that," Bekka said. "Kat is so busy looking for Mr. Perfect, she doesn't sit still long enough for a guy to audition for the part."
      "Perfect?" He stood up a little straighter, his eyes widening as the thought visibly vibrated through him.
      "Kat doesn't know what sticking power is, with guys." Amy winked at Bekka. "If you really want a chance, you have to show her."
      "Thanks. I think." Marco managed a smile for them and left the library with a little more energy than he had shown coming in.
      "You think that's really going to help?" Bekka asked. "I know I told him to wait a while, until their first date was lost in the shuffle and then try again, but..."
      "Kat doesn't know herself what she's looking for, but when she realizes Marco is really serious, who knows?" Amy smiled and nodded for punctuation and went over to start processing the armloads of books Kat and Roger had brought in.
      Bekka bit her lip against laughing. It was rather ironic that Amy, whose own love life was so rocky, considered herself an expert in others' needs.

      Of course, who am I to criticize?

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