Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24: DETOURS

      Shane found great satisfaction in working himself ragged, scrambling between work and school and helping out behind the scenes at Homespun Theater. It seemed like half the drama students at BWU had volunteered to help with the production of Taming of the Shrew. The set still had to be built, the lighting hung, the programs designed and printed, and costumes altered as a few parts were rearranged. Shane didn't care that he was fired from his evening job for canceling out two solid weeks of work -- it was more important to be on the lighting crew at Homespun and be there for Joel Randolph, just like the man had been there for him.
      It also didn't hurt matters any that Bekka had been drafted as Max's assistant, coordinating traffic behind the scenes. Shane didn't mind that he didn't have more than a few minutes at a time to talk with Bekka, and never privately. Right now, what mattered was quantity of time with her in his sights. He figured the more time she spent at the theater, the less time she spent with this musician, Zane. And if he was such a good friend of Joe's, how come Shane had never met him?
      "I never saw Morgan as a comic actor," Shane commented, as he and Bekka and the last third of the cast exited the theater after that evening's rehearsal. He gestured at Morgan who had just opened up the door of his car for the pretty auburn-haired lady who had been prompting him in his lines.
      "He's great," Bekka said. "I saw his yearbooks from Northwestern -- he had them open in his office one time when I was working for him. He was the star half the time, and had big supporting roles the rest of the time." She sighed and shared smiles with Shane. "Max couldn't have chosen anybody better to fill in for her dad."
      "Who's the lady with him?"
      "Kat's mother."
      "Yeah?" Shane whistled. "You think they're... you know?"
      "I hope so."

      The richness in Bekka's voice roused his curiosity. Before he could ask, Audrey called for Bekka to hurry up. She lived in the same apartment building as Bekka, and they rode together to rehearsals. Shane said goodnight, and thought about Bekka's reaction when he eventually offered to drive her home, and she saw his motorcycle. When he offered, not if. He just had to find the right timing. He didn't even know if she liked motorcycles. Sometimes that was the make-it-or-break-it point in asking a girl out.

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