Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12: FIRESONG

      Dani bent to pick up another stack of boxes to take from the fellowship hall, out to Andy's truck. The shower was over and she could only breathe a sigh of relief as she thought about it. The wedding would be much easier to handle, because she wasn't choreographing everything.
      "So, how did it go?" Kurt asked, coming up behind her.
      "Don't do that!" She nearly dropped the boxes.
      Kurt leaped forward to catch and help re-balance them in her arms. There was a box with a set of frying pans on the bottom, three boxes with towels, one with cooking utensils, and on the very top a box filled with tissue paper and airy spun glass napkin rings. Someone hadn't bothered reading the registry of practical and useful items Katie and Andy had requested.
      "Sorry." He grinned and didn't look repentant. Just like she remembered from when they were children. "Need some help? Aunt Kathy's sure there won't be enough room in Andy's truck."
      "Yeah, well, some people aren't very practical. I mean, I said to just give them money." She shrugged, nearly losing the napkin rings. Kurt came to her rescue again. "Lead the way!"
      They made uncounted trips out to the cars and truck waiting in the parking lot, aided by other members of the bridal party. Andy and Katie directed and packed up their gifts, deciding what went to Andy's new apartment now and what went to Katie's house until after the wedding.
      Kurt didn't say much, but every time Dani turned around, she found him watching her. That little tilt to the head, the slight upturn to one corner of his mouth, the sparkle in his eyes -- what was he thinking?
      "Okay, what's up?" she demanded, when they came back into the fellowship hall and found themselves alone for the moment.
      "Up?" Kurt shrugged and jammed his hands into his jeans pockets. "Nothing. Yet."
      "Uh oh." She grinned as she realized she felt very comfortable around him. It was easy to fall into the same teasing pattern she had with her cousins and Katie. Maybe that was it -- he was her best friend's cousin, after all.
      "Hope not." He stepped up to the main table, half-emptied, and held out his arms for her to fill. "I was just wondering where I could take you, if you'd go out with me."
      "Go out with you?" For a few seconds, the words made no sense, and that scared her. She was the wordsmith, the one who came up with lyrics to every single melody Andy composed.
      "Yeah, you know, maid of honor and the bride's cousin? It's the law, gotta spend some time together."
      "You're crazy. Which makes sense, considering your family." Dani was glad to finish loading his arms and turned away to pick up a stack of thin boxes and put them into a huge wicker laundry basket she seriously wanted to borrow from Katie.

      "Does that mean you won't go out with me?" Kurt didn't sound at all discouraged, and she rather liked that.

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