Friday, March 28, 2014


      It was cowardly, and Lynette knew it, but that didn't stop her from scheduling moving day for Daniel's busiest class day. It meant losing Kat's help for several hours, but Lynette didn't mind. To her delight, Bekka and Amy volunteered to help, and the moving company took care of a large part of the grunt work. Kat was there to help with unwrapping newspaper-wrapped dishes and running them through the dishwasher, and to help put out rugs and hang pictures at the end of the day. When Kat left for rehearsal, Daniel showed up with a Chinese banquet and helped her set up her TV, VCR and stereo system.
      Maybe he was just as relieved not to have Kat see them together. She hoped. This was all going to take some time to get used to, but she wanted it, with an ache like a leg regaining feeling after being asleep for hours.
      Maybe years.
      They met for lunch at Stay-A-While or the Bluebird Café once a week. Never on the same day. Making a routine implied more than Lynette was willing to admit, even to herself. And always at the restaurant. She never met Daniel at his office and he never came up to Blooming Miracles or her condo to pick her up. Daniel never suggested it, though such a practice would have been easier on them both. Lynette chose to believe he felt the same as she did. Uneasy about Kat seeing them and asking questions they weren't prepared to answer.
      That was a comfort.

      So why did she feel a little disappointment, every time he gave in to her wishes without a murmur?

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