Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17: DETOURS

      Moving day for Lisa had been the Saturday before. The three roommates showed up bright and early to help Lisa's sisters-in-law and their significant others pack up and clean up. Lisa had obtained the little apartment over Rick's Bakery, so the actual journey would take no time at all. The plan was to have her out of the apartment before Todd's movers showed up. Unfortunately, that hadn't happened. Bekka had been afraid that Todd would show he was even more his father's son than she had suspected, when he walked into the apartment and found them all there, helping Lisa leave him.       Instead of going into an icy tirade, he had laughed. He thought they were all there to help him and Lisa move. Bekka wanted to believe him, when he claimed that he had rented the little cottage on Kiln that Lisa had referred to as the 'dream house.' In anyone else, it would have been rather sweet to rent the home she wanted and arrange for others to do the moving work. Unfortunately, thanks to his father's threats and the fact that Todd had hit Lisa, sending her to the hospital with stitches – which he still claimed was an accident – Bekka couldn't make herself trust or support him any longer. She decided enough was enough, and she wholeheartedly supported Lisa in leaving Todd.
      The three roommates were still talking about Lisa's moving day and the strange encounter with Todd when they met for a late lunch at the student union that afternoon. Bekka was willing to believe that Todd really had rented a house for him and Lisa as a surprise. She knew he was just that oblivious to how things looked to other people. It would never occur to him that Lisa would know their lease had expired and she would worry about where they would live. And she could believe that Mr. Montgomery had made threats to Lisa.
      Amy and Kat wanted to believe the worst of the situation, and they were all for devising means to torture Todd for the rest of the year. Amy wanted to do some baking as an apartment-warming gift for Lisa. The three sat in a booth in the snack shop at the student union, discussing whether to go shopping for Amy's supplies or totally blow off an early start on term papers due after spring break and go to a movie, when Shane came by.
      "So, what's the news?" Shane said, eyeing the empty seat next to Kat.
      "Men are scum," Amy declared, thumping her half-empty shake cup down onto the table. "The sooner we learn to do without all of you, the better the world will be!"
      Shane took a step back, then paused when Kat and Bekka burst out laughing.
      "Amy's in a snit -- again -- because Joe's talking about taking a job in Nashville and he hasn't mentioned taking her with him," Kat said, wrinkling up her nose and turning her words into singsong teasing.
      "Joe who?" Amy said, tossing her head.

      Bekka noted there was more hurt than rage in her attitude, which was a good sign. She expected Amy and Joe to get over their latest argument by that evening.

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