Friday, February 21, 2014

February 21: THE FAMILY WAY

      The wastebasket sat at the foot of the couch by the door. Todd saw it was full, and remembered his decision to take care of the garbage without Lisa reminding him. He grabbed up the wastebasket and headed into the kitchen. The tall black garbage can liners Lisa used were in a box under the sink. He opened one and up-ended the wastebasket into it.
      A clump of wet papers stuck together in the bottom. Todd sighed and gritted his teeth and reached in to pull them out. Wallpaper samples. Cloth samples. A few catalogues. He smiled, remembered how happy Lisa was when she redecorated the apartment.
      Wait. He didn't recognize any of the samples. Lisa wouldn't throw them out until the project was finished, would she? A heavy feeling filled his stomach as he slowly pried apart the sticky pages of the catalogue and saw the baby furniture inside.
      Lisa had to be really angry with him, to throw away all that hard work.
      He wished she had waited for him to come home before she started on a big, important project like that. Todd usually didn't know blue from green, but decorating their baby's room together would have been fun.
      Right now, he had the horrid suspicion she wouldn't let him help with the baby's room. He remembered the plans and promises they had made to each other, just a few weeks before their wedding. They would take Lamaze classes and pre-natal and childcare classes together, and he would help change diapers if she promised not to make him get up for the midnight feedings.
      Todd suspected Lisa remembered all those happy dreams and plans, and the memories didn't make her happy.
Was that really his fault? She chose to stay angry with him.
      He continued digging. That floor plan didn't look right. He pried apart a few papers and found the specifications for the dream house. It was for rent? Todd nearly dropped the wastebasket as the entire picture came together in his head. Lisa wanted the dream house for their baby. She had already started plans for decorating it.

      And she had thrown everything away.

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