Friday, November 27, 2015

ANNE'S OGRE -- Excerpt #19

"We help battered women and children find shelters, and get them out of the reach of their abusers. That's about the extent of it." Anne's shoulders suddenly prickled, the same feeling she got when she thought someone was pointing a gun at her.

After being shot at several times, she had learned to trust that feeling and duck before she looked for the gun. It took all her willpower not to turn and rake the people sitting in the reception area with her gaze. Vincent had her on extra-high alert, that was all. She just wished she could have brought Argus inside with her, and have him screen the people around her.

"I really need to talk with Jenni Doran, find out if anyone's been asking her about these pictures." She tapped the photo of Su-Ma and George catching snowflakes.

"Problem?" a young woman asked, stopping at the receptionist's desk. Fresh snowflakes clung to the shoulders of her battered brown leather jacket. She carried a computer case on one shoulder and what looked like a large camera case on the other.

"Are you Jenni?" Anne asked.

"Natalie Schaefer. Is this about those photos Bill took off the wrong flash drive?"

"I think you need to take--" The receptionist glanced at the card Anne gave her. "-- Miss Hachworth from the Arc Foundation in back to talk to Hal." She handed the card to Natalie. "I think Jenni is in trouble. I've had seven calls in the last three days about those photos, and some of the people I talked to weren't so nice."

"Gotcha." She beckoned for Anne to follow her.

"Thanks." Anne looked back at the receptionist, who nodded to her. She caught Mark watching her, but he looked away before their gazes met.

For a moment, she had the strongest urge to ask Natalie to wait, so she could go out and bring Argus in from the truck. How would she explain why she needed her companion? That thought stayed with her as Natalie led her down a long hallway that seemed to go all the way to the back of the building. She laughed and apologized for the long hike, and proudly informed her that America's Voice had just expanded four months ago, to take up all of the first and second floor in this four-story building.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 14

Are you just getting started? There's still time to join in and play.

Go to my website and click on the Tabor folder, then the Contest tab, to learn the rules and get started!

Today's book:


Dani has known all her life that God called her to ministry and music. Her life revolves around her brother and their band, Firesong.

Kurt returns to Tabor to prepare for a crusade and reunite with old friends. He never expects Dani to
capture his imagination, and then his heart. How can he convince the girl who once disdained him as an arrogant jerk to open her heart to him -- especially when she believes ministry leaves no room for romance?

Between the crusade, concerts, a new CD, and her brother's wedding, Dani doesn’t have time for Kurt's nonsense … but sometimes he gives her those looks that make her doubt everything she knows and believes.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 15

We're a little less than one-third of the way through the scavenger hunt and the celebration of the 20 Days of Tabor Heights.

Have you entered yet?

Remember to enter every day, because even if you don't win, you're racking up points toward the grand prize!

Today's book:


The hardest thing Nikki has ever done is go home to Tabor Heights, to the people who know how far
she fell, and the hearts she broke. Working for the Arc Foundation, she is to assess the Mission for funding. She refuses to fail the God who has forgiven her, and let down her home church.

Released from prison, Brock follows Nikki home. Now that he is right with God, he wants more than anything to win her back, and make sure their love is the right kind. Nikki knows she won't find full healing until she forgives Brock, but she discovers she has to forgive herself, first.

Monday, November 23, 2015

ANNE'S OGRE -- Excerpt #18

"Can I help you?" the receptionist said, standing up so she could look over the counter.

"Hi. I certainly hope so." Anne nodded to Mark and got up, spreading the magazine flat as she approached the counter that took up one whole side of the cubicle. "I need to talk to someone about this photo."

"I'm sorry, policy is to protect the privacy of the people who appear in our 'taste of the season' photo spreads. That means not revealing the names of the photographers or where the photos were taken."

"Oh, I know who took the photo. I know the people in the photo, and they told me when and where they met the reporter. The thing is, don't you need to get permission to publish someone's picture?"

"Oh, dear -- those photos?" The receptionist shook her head and brushed her hand over the photo of Su-Ma sitting in the snow. "It's been a terrible mix-up. Jenni never meant for them to be put in the spread, but we had a computer crash and lost the original spread and then the wrong files were accessed and…" She sighed. "Has it been a problem for your friends?"

"Not yet. What I'm more concerned about is that Jenni -- it is Jenni Doran, right?" Anne pulled her business card out of her pocket. She had meant to give it to the woman first, before she started talking. "I'm from the Arc Foundation, and our concern is that someone could make trouble for her, trying to get information on the -- on the people in the photos she took."

"Right. She was talking about you -- the boss is interested in doing a feature on you -- well, not you, specifically," she added with a chuckle, "but on the foundation, all the work you do helping people. Someone said you were working with Witness Protection, is that true?"

Sunday, November 22, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 16

Day 5!

Today's book is:


Jeannette Marshall married Brody Evans despite the in-laws. Their love was deeper, stronger than what she felt for Nathan Lewis, her orphanage "big brother". They planned on seminary and a big family -- but a year later, Jeanette returned to Tabor Heights widowed and pregnant, and driven away by her hateful in-laws.

But Tabor Heights was home, her quiet shelter. With the love and support of her friends, she prepared for the birth of her son. With Nathan to be uncle to BJ, she had all she needed. Even if she sometimes wondered if she should have let Nathan persuade her to marry him instead of Brody.

Nathan realized too late he loved Jeannette as more than a little sister. When she returned, he put
aside his hopes for a second chance, positive she would never heal enough to love him that way.

All that mattered was that she and BJ were safe and happy.

Then the Evans clan comes to town, scheming and telling lies to get custody of BJ. Nathan would do anything to protect Jeannette -- but everything he tries seems to drive them further apart. Can he convince Jeannette what she means to him before it's too late?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

ANNE'S OGRE -- Excerpt #17

"What?" His voice rang a little against the cinderblock walls. "Josh?"

"Did she mention posing for some pictures when she met the reporter?"

"Yeah. She and George…" Vincent suddenly understood what drew those curses from Josh's tongue. "No, she wouldn't be so careless -- but obviously she was." His mind raced back through the report Su-Ma had made. He couldn't remember quizzing her on taking the usual precautions when she traveled around with George -- either before or after the trip. Maybe he was the one who had been careless, not Su-Ma.

Still, he thought she was getting better at remembering the little details. It was always the ordinary, everyday, common sense things she messed up on -- filling the gas tank, charging her cell phone and computer, locking the car when she got out -- not the important things like keeping George under control and below the radar. Didn't pictures taken by reporters for national magazines count as important? She should have remembered to either forbid the pictures, or ensure they didn't appear in public. Yet obviously she hadn't, or Josh wouldn't be calling.

Considering the options, trying to figure out who was to blame, made his head ache with a sharp stab, like the last time Genghis had sent someone to kill him.

"I want to say I wouldn't recognize George in those pictures if I hadn't seen him last year," Josh said slowly, "but … Genghis is still out there. As far as we know, so is Shadow. Even if they aren't back together, it only makes sense that one or the other would want to tie up some loose ends. Know what I mean?"

"Too well." He squeezed the phone hard enough to make the metal case creak. "All right. First I'll look at those pictures. Then… I don't need to yell at Su-Ma. She'll understand."

"What do you need me to do?" A choking sound that was probably an attempt at laughter came through the phone. "Besides pray?"

"Lord, You have made blind eyes see, now make seeing eyes blind," Vincent whispered.


Friday, November 20, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- Day 17

Today is the 4th day of the countdown in the 20 Days of Tabor Heights. 

Book #17 


Everything is going right for Lisa. Her comic strip is becoming a book, and she is pregnant -- finally, her critical father-in-law will admit she is a good wife.

Todd comes home in a foul mood and destroys her happy announcement with: "Is it mine?"

He tries to make things right, but everything he does only worsens Lisa's pain
because he has never learned to apologize. Their marriage disintegrates, until his own sisters urge Lisa to leave him. Todd slowly, painfully learns to face family secrets, and break free of his father's poisonous influence.

Lisa knows she must forgive and learn to love Todd again, even as she wonders why. Todd never loved her, so why try to make their marriage work?